Organization Design Certificate Program

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More than 400 organizations have participated in the Organization Design Certificate Program.

Organization Design Certificate Program

Organization design is a critical organizational capability in today’s dynamic global economy. CEO offers a Certificate in Organization Design for those interested in acquiring this important competency.

The Organization Design Certificate Program consists of two parts. Participants who attend both workshops and successfully complete a design project receive a Certificate in Organization Design


To register or find out more about the Organization Design Certificate Program, please contact:
Vivian Jimenez 
or call CEO at (213) 740-9814

Part I

Strategic Organization
Design Workshop

Core principles, frameworks,
models, and tools.

We use examples from our research and consulting to address the core building blocks of design and to demonstrate how to put them together to support strategy.

Design Topics include:

  • Strategy to Design
  • Designing the Lateral Organization
  • Organizing Around the Customer Innovation and Agility
  • Designing for Flexibility and Innovation
  • Designing Performance Management Systems
  • Designing Implementation Processes

The workshop is a prerequisite for attending Part II: Advanced Topics in Organization Design. Attendance at any previous offerings of this workshop fulfills the prerequisite.

Program Fees

Part I: (fees subject to change)
$4,500 per person / Sponsor Companies
$5,750 per person / Non-Sponsor Companies

Part II

Advanced Topics in Organization Design

A deeper exploration of design topics, processes, and analyses.

A practicum-based course in which participants receive coaching while working through a real design challenge, and learn from each other as the projects are shared and critiqued during the workshop. It entails pre-reading, a project requiring participant design case preparation, and peer and faculty consultation about company projects. 

Design Topics Include:

  • The Global Organization Designing for Innovation and Growth
  • The Knowledge Organization
  • Support Services Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Design Processes and Implementation Organizational
  • Design Processes / Frameworks
  • Implementation of New Designs Participant Case Analyses and Peer Consulting 

This course is only open to individuals who have already attended Part I: Strategic Organization Design Workshop.

Program Fees

Part II: (fees subject to change)
$7,250 per person / Sponsor Companies
$8,500 per person / Non-Sponsor Companies

In addition to attending the two workshops (Part 1 & 2), participants are required to complete either a case study of an actual organization redesign, or a diagnosis and proposed new design of an organization in anticipation of future redesign. A standard format will be provided for the project. A draft of this individual or group project must be completed prior to attending the Advanced Topics in Organizational Design Workshop.

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Meet Our Faculty

Our award-winning research scientists, affiliates and  practitioners help companies drive performance by providing leading-edge research, practical tools, and a wealth of experience.

Christopher G. Worley

Senior Research Scientist, Center for Effective Organizations

Research Professor of Management, Pepperdine University

Beth Gunderson

Affiliate Research Scientist

Susan A. Mohrman

Senior Research Scientist