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A killer app with huge upsides and dangerous downsides: Applying AI to People Analytics

Since its launch in November 2022, ChatGPT has sparked a significant surge of interest and investment in the realm of generative artificial intelligence (AI). The future trajectory of AI remains uncertain, but one application stands out with confidence: People Analytics (PA). AI’s integration into PA holds tangible potential, offering substantial benefits and immediate realizations. However, this comes with inherent risks that are challenging to mitigate. This article delves into the promising advantages of applying AI in People Analytics while also addressing strategies to navigate and prevent potential pitfalls.

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Beyond Diversity: Is it Time for the Chief Relational Officer Job?

Have you noticed that the people working in diversity are having a bit of an identity crisis?  The names of the departments have gone from Diversity to Diversity and Inclusion to Diversity Equity and Inclusion to some variations that include Diversity Inclusion and the term Belonging. Occasionally, you might see the term equality. For example, in numerous bold statements, Salesforce aggressively uses the word equality. Salesforce has embraced the term equality while in other organizations this language often is intentionally deleted from references to any diversity work.

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