Webinar: Optimizing the Operating Model

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with Alec Levenson and Mary O’Hara, Senior VP and CHRO of Blue Shield of California

Senior leaders always talk about the business operating model as if they know exactly what drives organizational performance and strategy execution. Yet poorly-defined operating models are a major source of internal leadership conflict, and misalignment among strategy, structure, and processes. As a consequence, mid-level leaders and the people in charge of analytics and business process optimization often fail to find the best solutions to performance improvement challenges that are rooted in the work design, competencies and individual behaviors. What’s needed is more of a systems approach that defines and aligns the critical elements of the operating model.

In this webinar, Alec Levenson will detail the critical elements including the difference between the strategic business model and the operational business model, and the role that organizational capability plays in uniting the two. Building organizational capability the right way across jobs, teams, functions, business units and the enterprise is an essential foundation for improving alignment and strategy execution. Additionally, Mary O’Hara will share examples on how to improve operating models from the experiences in her career in health care, banking and telecom.

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Alec Levenson

Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Levenson’s research focuses on the economics of human resources and organization design; HR and human capital metrics, analytics, and return on investment; and global and emerging market talent strategies.


 Mary O’Hara

Senior VP and CHRO of Blue Shield of California

Mary O’Hara leads the people strategy, leadership development, diversity and inclusion, and employee experience for 7,000 employees across California. She also heads the Internal and Executive Communications and Events team and chairs the Operating Committee of the company.