Webinar: Analytics for Driving High Performance

Click here for a PDF of the slides from the March 22 webinar

Everyone wants to achieve high performance but you can’t get there just by pushing your people to do more with less, or by piling more and more on their shoulders. Sustainable high performance requires that you make the right choices about how to design and align a lot of different organizational elements: autonomy in decision making, compensation, competencies, leadership behaviors, performance management, coaching, and prioritizing spending to support specific business processes.

In this webinar, Alec Levenson will address how to conduct analytics to ensure you have the right elements in place for high performance – and where there are gaps that have to be filled. Drawing from his new book, Strategic Analytics, he will present a framework and step-by-step process for diagnosing the barriers to high performance.

Not all jobs and business processes can be designed for high performance without breaking the bank and driving your profit margins to zero. This webinar will help you understand which parts of your organization should be designed for sustainable high performance, and how to diagnose the right conditions for attaining it.

The webinar is also related to Alec’s upcoming workshop, Strategic Analytics: Leverage Analytics to Improve Business Results and Organization Effectiveness