Learning to Lead: The Art of Transforming Managers into Leaders

August 14, 1992

book coverJay Conger, (Jossey-Bass, 1992)

In Learning to Lead, Jay Conger shares his undercover experiences in five of the nation’s most popular leadership programs to offer readers personal insights into the role training plays in leadership development. Using a diary format supported by workshop outlines, sample materials and interviews with one hundred fellow participants, he assesses the strengths and weaknesses of four key approaches to leadership development: personal growth, conceptual analysis, feedback, and skill development. Conger summarizes the goals and methods of each program and reveals the results participants can expect from:

  • ARC’s VisionQuest and Pecos River. Does personal growth play a role in strong leadership?
  • The Tom Peters Group’s Leadership Challenge. Can a conceptual understanding of leadership help managers improve their technique?
  • The Center for Creative Leadership’s Leadership Development Program. Can feedback tools like Myers-Briggs help participants transform their leadership weaknesses into strengths?
  • The Forum Corporation’s Leadership Course. Can skill-building techniques be used to teach complex leadership skills — such as strategic vision and change management?

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