Digital Transformation

It’s more than keeping up, it’s getting ahead

As new technologies continue to emerge, opportunities arise for businesses to not only improve their process, culture, and customer experience but to evolve into new and better business models.

Questions about Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is more than just a technical revolution; it’s a human evolution. As AI, machine learning, and emerging technologies are introduced, they’ll reconfigure traditional jobs and change what we do and how we do it. This will create a workplace and a workforce that are radically different from today. And the more business leaders understand and plan for this now, the better prepared they’ll be for the future.

CEO’s world-leading research focuses on the economics of human resources and organization design; HR and human capital metrics, analytics, and return on investment; and global and emerging market talent strategies.

Digital technologies are disrupting industries at an unprecedented pace, much faster than many organizations can understand and incorporate them. But merely “keeping up” is actually “falling behind”. Business leaders must proactively seek knowledge about what’s ahead by learning what other companies have experienced, the challenges they’ve faced, and the immediate and ongoing benefits they’ve gained from digital transformation.

CEO’s advanced research, expertise, and unparalleled access to their global network create unique opportunities to gain that knowledge. With custom solutions, organizations can learn what capabilities they need to build up, the boundaries they need to break down, the traditional roles they need to reconfigure, and how to align the social and technical aspects of digitization to improve their products, processes, performance, and profitability.

Custom Solutions


CEO offers research-based solutions to solve digital growing pains and company-wide transformations. Work with our researchers to craft a custom solution to fit your organization’s needs.


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Edward E. Lawler, Gerald E. Ledford

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Our award-winning research scientists, affiliates and  practitioners help companies drive performance by providing leading-edge research, practical tools, and a wealth of experience.

Christopher G. Worley

Senior Research Scientist, Center for Effective Organizations

Research Professor of Management, Pepperdine University

Dr. Chris Worley’s applied research and consulting practice is complemented by more than fifteen years of management experience in academic, for-profit, and government organizations. The primary focus of his efforts in these organizations has been on organization design, the building of agile capabilities, and organization development.

John W. Boudreau

Professor and Research Director

Dr. John Boudreau is recognized worldwide as one of the leading evidence-based visionaries on the future of work and organization, through breakthrough research on the bridge between work, superior human capital, leadership and sustainable competitive advantage.