Corporate Stewardship: Achieving Sustainable Effectiveness

August 1, 2015

Edited by Susan Albers Mohrman, James O’Toole, Edward E. Lawler, III
(Greenleaf Publishing, 2015)

Corporate Stewardship book cover

Stewardship entails a profound understanding and acceptance of the organization’s interdependence with the societal and ecological contexts in which it operates and becoming a force for building a viable future. This book, written by the leading thinkers in sustainability research, provides practical guidance on how companies can resolve the paradoxical challenges they face and what they need to become. How can they be at the same time profitable and responsible, effective and ethical, sustainable and adaptable? The chapters offer a variety of perspectives about the threats to the sustainability of earth, humanity, and the global economy, and many examples of the approaches that corporations, working with other institutions, are taking–and should take–to deal with them. The authors show why the forward-looking practices of these corporations are important first steps, but insufficient departures from business as usual to keep pace with the growing problems facing the world.

Corporate Stewardship: Achieving Sustainable Effectiveness (Greenleaf Publishing, 2015) is a result of the Corporate Stewardship Conference, which CEO co-hosted with USC Marshall School of Business to honor our colleague Warren Bennis.

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