Employee Surveys and Sensing: Challenges and Opportunities (Society Industrial Organizational Psych)

February 18, 2020

Professional practice in the design and execution of employee survey programs has evolved tremendously over the past decade. Advances in technology and enthusiastic new interest in talent analytics have combined to create an exciting space with a good deal of innovation along methodological lines, matched by renewed interest in the strategic role of surveys and sensing for improving organizational effectiveness. Providing solid grounding in the basic issues of content development, interpreting results, and driving action, this book also addresses cutting-edge topics in the area of survey analytics (including applications of computational linguistics and artificial intelligence). Significant emphasis is given to ethical issues which are particularly salient given the zeitgeist for ensuring the protection of data and the privacy of survey respondents.

The book is appropriate for use in advanced graduate level courses in survey research and will be a valuable shelf resource for survey practitioners whether trained formally in I-O psychology or other areas of organizational science.

HR Analytics
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