Darryl Stickel

Affiliate Research Scientist

Darryl holds a Ph.D. in Business from Duke University and completed his doctoral thesis on building trust in hostile environments. Upon completing his studies Darryl served as a consultant for Mckinsey & Company prior to founding his own consulting firm, Trust Unlimited. As the founder of Trust Unlimited he has advised organizations and individuals in what trust is, how it works, and how to build it. The experience of helping organizations actually solve trust problems has provided a blend of deep theoretical knowledge and practical applied experience.

Darryl has worked with a broad range of organizations over the past 15 years with Trust Unlimited. Initially work focused on helping financial services organizations build stronger relationships with their clients, leading to dramatic increases in assets under management. After working with financial services the focus shifted to other organizations including non-profits, public sector, and heavy industry. He has also helped the Canadian military attempt to rebuild trust with the locals in Afghanistan and worked with parents trying to build stronger relationships with their children.

Darryl serves as a coach and advisor for CEO’s and other senior executives across a broad range of organizations and industries. He helps senior executives with business related issues but also helps them focus on the people problems that can be among the most challenging they face.

Darryl recently joined the faculty for the Luxembourg School of Business where he works with a number of European organizations to help them resolve trust based issues they face.

Recent Research

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