Graciela Meibar

Executive Coach (PCC), Consultant, Global Thought Leader and Speaker on Diversity and Inclusion

Graciela G. Meibar is a coach (ICF-PCC) and consultant with 30 years corporate experience, and 20 years in line management and senior management; her expertise is in connecting people, business development, and problem solving. She is a senior executive with a proven record of accomplishments in business development, diversity & inclusion, people management, relationship management and building and launching new initiatives.  She had a 30year career at Mattel Inc. and a few key describers of her career include, global, inclusive, people focused, relationship builder, trusted mentor and colleague, advisor, deliverer of results.

She is definitely a people person, friendly and empathetic while keeping her clients accountable. Her background provides personal and business insights and a unique perspective to individuals or companies experiencing changing conditions within their industry, organization or personally. Graciela’s clients are individuals or companies who are experiencing changing circumstances, need development in key areas or are looking to improve the culture of the organization. She coaches and consults in all Diversity and Inclusions matters.

Graciela began her career at Mattel in 1984 as an Area Manager Analyst in the international division.  She was promoted to Manager and later, Director of Sales for the Caribbean.  From 1995 to 2003, she served as Vice President of Latin America Export, managing 22 countries. During this time, she doubled the business and changed the business model for Mattel in that region. In 2003, she was appointed to the position of vice president of global sales talent development and global diversity. During her 12year tenure she developed and implemented a global strategy that was business focused ensuring that Mattel was seen as a global leader and as a best employer for all.

After emigrating from Cuba at the age of twelve, Meibar moved to Los Angeles. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in international relations from the University of Southern California in 1980 and an M.B.A. from Pepperdine University in 1983.  Her core belief is that an inclusive culture drives innovation. Her life experiences grounds this belief. As a Cuban immigrant, her parents encouraged her to think as a free person and be authentic to self and celebrate her differences, while including others in the conversations.

Graciela is bilingual and bicultural, and she has a global perspective for people, business and organizations. She is a certified coach from The Hudson Institute of Coaching in Santa Barbara and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  She is a certified Conscious Business Coach at BetterUp, where she also works with clients from all over the world.

Graciela resides in Los Angeles, California and is the founder and principal at

Graciela Inc.

310-200-1778 or


“Graciela is a true expert on Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace. She is insightful, courageous and passionate on the subject. She is also a terrific Leadership Coach with excellent credentials and 30 years of Corporate experience to draw upon. She is a great listener and empathizer and shows good judgment in providing advice especially in the interpersonal skills/emotional intelligence arena. She has done a lot of work in mentoring others especially younger women in the workforce. She also has a strong business background – having held executive roles in Global Sales for a major FMCG company. Graciela was also tapped to develop and deliver a Global Sales Training strategy to upgrade global sales skills and the quality of Sales Talent at a Fortune 500 organization. She has served on numerous not for profit boards and has been heavily involved in gender and diversity initiatives in the Los Angeles community.” SVP Consumer Goods

“Graciela is truly gifted when it comes to diversity and coaching. Her empathy and compassion coupled with a deep understanding of navigating differences makes her uniquely effective in this work. I began working with Graciela during an unsettling organizational restructuring process when I joined Mattel as a Consultant in 2006. Graciela was the head of diversity and sales training at that time. She was highly skilled at providing exceptional support, coaching, and leadership to myself, and many employees. Graciela listens with compassion and she was great at providing excellent solutions and coaching. A conversation with Graciela left you re-energized and motivated to learn more about yourself and how you could best thrive and contribute to the organization. I had the pleasure of partnering with her for diversity recruitment and many other diversity & inclusion initiatives and would welcome an opportunity to work with her again! Graciela is a unique individual that lights up the room when she enters, her smile, her authentic concern and compassion for others is evident by her presence. Her infectious energy changes the room dynamics instantly. As I would comment to Graciela after working a diversity event (everyone knew her and had great things to say about her) – I felt like I was working with a “Rock Star”. I often complimented her for the positive reputation and respect of others she has in the community and the working world for her work. The one word often used to describe her most was what an Awesome person she is! I agree! Graciela is a “rare gem” and anyone that has an opportunity to work with her will be forever changed for the good!” Recruiter, Consumer Goods

“Graciela was my secret weapon for over two years as my professional (and personal) coach. I cannot capture in a recommendation the imprint she has made on me and my professional career. Starting with exercises uncovering my talents, successes and interests she helped me focus discussions on what most matched my opportunities for the future. She moved on to helping me rebuild my presence online in Linked In and social along with my resume portfolio. She literally helped me build a profile that captured my talents and successes, she helped me build a powerful sense of confidence in myself and an awareness of my unique abilities and successes. I highly recommend Graciela. Her confidence and positive outlook is infectious. The process she put me through helped me make key decisions as I looked for a change in my career was so effective. Her connections in the corporate and philanthropic world were invaluable. I enthusiastically recommend Graciela for professional advice and development. And I absolutely recommend her for anyone looking at a career or employment change. She is truly a secret weapon, mentor and friend.” SVP Development, LGBT Center

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Graciela Meibar since 2005. As Vice President, Global Sales Talent Development and Global Diversity at Mattel, Graciela was a highly valued client. More recently Graciela has been a strategic business partner. As a consultant to Graciela while she was at Mattel, I found her focus on achieving great business results, productivity, and innovation through diversity and inclusion to be unique and remarkable. Graciela’s bicultural Cuban and American background informed her work and was a source of strength and insight as we collaborated in developing a global diversity and inclusion strategy for Mattel. I continually found myself learning from each interaction. Graciela is a natural, insightful coach! More recently I had the pleasure of partnering with Graciela to co-design and co-facilitate intercultural expertise executive development programs. Our complementary insights and styles materially contributed to the programs being a great success. Graciela is a very rare person who combines knowledge of people and organizations, strong business experience and acumen, and deep intercultural expertise in a uniquely effective approach to coaching, facilitation, and consulting. Graciela is brilliant, dedicated, persevering, innovative, and caring. It is also a delight to know and work with her.” Diversity and Inclusion Consultant


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