Gregory S Andriate

Affiliate Research Scientist

Gregory S Andriate, Ed.D., is Executive Director, Organization Innovation LLC, and partners with clients to revitalize capabilities securing sustainable business value for customers and shareholders. Recent projects include implementation of sustainable growth strategies and operational excellence infrastructure improvements in biotech, contract specialty chemical services, and petrochemical manufacturing industries.

Andriate has conducted over 30 business capability restructuring interventions in North America, South America, and Europe. His experience covers converting financial reporting / insurance savings plan technologies, reinventing agricultural / pharmaceutical product development cycles, workforce alignment initiatives in 22 manufacturing sites, and developing marketing strategies in Biotech, Chemical, Contract Manufacturing, and Petrochemical industries. Greg’s also led organization design in Corporate Communications, Ecology/Health/Safety, Engineering, Finance, Human Resources, IT, Purchasing / Procurement, Marketing Communications and Supply Chain/Logistics.

Previously, Greg led Executive Development & Learning for BASF, directing executive competency and high-performance business capabilities development. Earlier, he was Assistant Dean, University of Bridgeport Metropolitan College, responsible for adult undergraduate & graduate degree programs, and faculty member at University of Bridgeport, University of Hartford, University of New Mexico, and West Virginia University.

Dr. Andriate has published book chapters in The Sustainable Enterprise Field Book, Information and Behavior, Vol.2, and Communication Yearbook 6, refereed articles in Communication, Communication Quarterly, and Communication Research Reports, and served as editorial board member of two refereed academic journals. Greg holds B.A and M.S. degrees from Rutgers School of Communication & Information, and Ed.D. in Learning Psychology from West Virginia University.

Recent Research