Heather Stockton

Functional Excellence Lead for Change Management
W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

Heather Stockton is a Functional Excellence Lead for Change Management at W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc., makers of GORE-TEX®.

She has a decade of progressive HR expertise including creating and operationalizing organization structures to support digital transformations.

Heather’s focus areas over the course of her career include:

  • Organization design and effectiveness
  • Change Management
  • Team Development
  • Leadership development & training
  • Root cause analysis
  • Process improvement

Heather has been responsible for diagnosing and developing solutions to more efficiently and effectively improve critical business areas. These include continuous improvement solutions for people processes, trainings, infrastructure, and recognition. She’s managed this across various organization functions and divisions when working in Organization Development. As an HR Business Partner she was accountable for operationalizing key people processes including team effectiveness, leadership development, performance management, compensation and diversity & inclusion. She has coached and led team effectiveness for a number of years. In her current role she co-designed, conceptualized and made reality a fully operational, remote, digital transformation change organization from scratch including hiring, onboarding, curriculum design, training, development and infrastructure all within a year.

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