Jessica Schmidt

Product Support Rep III
CentralSquare Technologies

Jessica received her Bachelors of Science degree from University of Cincinnati, and has spent her career working to improve processes through records management in both the healthcare and now public safety sectors. She has been with CentralSquare Technologies for over 5 years working to fully support all customers. For the last 3 years Jessica has worked on the Enterprise Records Management team working with customers to update their software to the latest versions.

Through her career, Jessica has started and participated in multiple initiatives of diversity, inclusion and employee satisfaction opportunities. As someone who has been outspoken about her life with chronic pain, when CentralSquare started the AdaptABLE ERG, Jessica was eager to share her personal experience, thoughts and ideas with the leadership team. Jessica has helped to coordinate speakers and participate in panel discussions sharing her experiences and knowledge from living and working with a disability to how service animals are trained and help those who benefit from them.

When not at work, Jessica enjoys spending time with her husband and two dogs, a 9-year-old lab named Kairos and a 5 month old Shiba Inu named Enyo on their country acreage in Iowa. She also spends vast amounts of time baking, painting, crafting, and gardening.

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