Joseph Santana

Podcast Creator and Host
ERG PowerTalk

Joseph (Joe) Santana is the creator and host of the highly popular podcast ERG PowerTalk. In each episode, he brings you authors, CDOs, human science experts, as well as ERG leaders, and other experts, to provide you with inspiring ideas and cutting-edge practices that you can use to drive measureable impact in your organization. Joe is also, the Chairman of the CDO PowerCircle, an association that focuses on the future of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The group’s mission is to uncover DEI trend indicators and explore how DEI leaders can avoid upcoming obstacles and pounce on emerging opportunities. (E.g., How DEI leaders can shape AI and Robotics for a more inclusive future).

As a consultant, workshop leaders and coach, Joe brings a broad and unique background to this space. As the former Founding Chairman of the Institute for Corporate Productivity Chief Diversity Officer Board, Joe led research studies on diversity and inclusion next practices and coached a number of senior-level Chief Diversity Officers that represent organizations with combined revenues exceeding more than a quarter of a trillion US dollars. Before entering the coaching, consulting, and advisory space, Joe was Siemens first diversity officer and the architect of their national, and later, global diversity and inclusion strategy. It was a strategy that successfully put the company and its USA staff of 60,000 employees on the map as a one billion dollar player in the business to government space, while increasing the hiring and promotion of formally under-represented demographics.

Unlike many in diversity leadership roles, Joe came to diversity and inclusion from a line business role and not the typical HR, Legal, or company charity roles. As a former line executive and leader of a highly profitable 300-employee multi-million dollar consulting and IT outsourcing business at Siemens, Joe brings a unique big-picture and future business strategy lens to the DEI space that can be seen in all his strategies.

In a parallel career as a thought-leading author, Joe has written thousands of articles, including feature pieces for Chief Executive Magazine, Diversity Executive Magazine, and Insight into Diversity Magazine. He has also created insightful white papers and books that have been published in several languages across several continents, including Asia, Europe, and Africa. His latest book is Supercharge Your ERGs- 18 Tips to Power-up Your ERG/BRG Strategy. A sought-after speaker and media commentator, Joe has been quoted in numerous magazines and books, including Thomas Friedman’s 2005 New York Times bestseller, The World is Flat.

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