Meida Surya

DEI Strategist
Crescendo DEI

Meida is a DEI Strategist at Crescendo DEI, a minority-owned company founded in 2018, Crescendo provides software that helps leading tech startups and Fortune 500 companies build inclusive, equitable organizations. Her role as a DEI Strategist is to advise and develop best practices with organizations to build lasting DEI change. Meida brings with her in-depth knowledge in the DEI space, which focuses on systemic-level thinking on social inequities. She currently resides in Singapore and believes in a thinking global and acting local mindset.

Meida is part of the Asian Leaders Alliance (ALA) leadership team under the ERG branch. ALA is a cross-company, Asian ERG coalition that aims to foster collaboration across Asian Pacific Islander (API) ERGs and civic organizations to spur positive, long-term, and inclusive community impact. She is involved in multiple, global non-profit organizations such as Amplify Asian Voices, Singapore Red Cross Youth, Afro Pull Chronicles, Superposition Surabaya, to name a few.

Recent Research