Sharna Wiblen

Affiliate Research Scientist

Dr. Sharna Wiblen is an Assistant Professor within the Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong in Sydney, Australia. Her research integrates talent management, information technology and HR analytics to reveal the complexity of what talent really means. She has identified large inconsistencies in how leaders conceive of what talent is, with major implications for effective talent measurement and management, and future leader talent identification. Her current research includes analysing how mental models, views of the world, previous experiences and individual perceptions influence how stakeholders conceptualise what talent is, and what talent is not. This work complements a decade-long research focus examining the implementation, use and strategic value of technological innovations as organizations decide which operational and strategic processes and practices benefit from digitalization and those that require people. This research has resulted in the development of a number of publications that explain the evolving nature of work and the increasing need for digital capabilities.

Recent Research