Theresa M. Welbourne

Affiliated Senior Research Scientist, Center for Effective Organizations
Will and Maggie Brooke Professor in Entrepreneurship and Executive Director, The University of Alabama

Entrepreneurship Institute, The University of Alabama
Founder, President and CEO, eePulse Inc.


Dr. Theresa Welbourne’s work focuses on human capital and leadership strategies that drive growth, innovation and high performance. She is known for her work on employee energy and how energy, direction and confidence come together to stimulate and sustain high sense of urgency cultures and organizational growth.

Theresa runs a large project focused on employee resource groups (ERGs) and how these programs are helping advance diversity and inclusion initiatives as well as overall firm performance, innovation and growth. The work consists of research, best practice studies, the annual Summit for ERG leaders which she founded in 2012, and training for ERG leaders.

Theresa also does extensive research and consulting with initial public offerings (IPOs) and firms undergoing high change, including mergers and acquisitions. Other areas of expertise include employee engagement, data-driven storytelling, Fast HR and entrepreneurship.

Leadership Pulse for business leaders and a new program for ERG leaders

Theresa also created the Leadership Pulse, which is a collaborative learning opportunity that provides ongoing learning. Earn digital badges for new skill acquisition and engage with CEO’s thought leaders on key topics affecting you today. The goal is shared learning in real time.

Employee-Centric Engagement – The Next Evolution of Employee Engagement

This program’s tenant is that individual employees own their own engagement, and when the roles of engagement are shifted, employers are meeting their engagement goals. Click here to learn more.

Research Partners & Clients

Theresa works with a range of organizations through her research engagements, her business, eePulse, Inc., consulting and executive education (both custom and public programs). The leadership pulse work has led to a number of partnerships with leaders and managers who use the data to drive growth and innovation within their teams. She has extensive experience with smaller, high growth organizations and with large, global Fortune 100 and FTSE 500 businesses in a variety of industries.

Professional Work

Her research has been featured in popular publications such as Inc. Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Business Week, The New York Times, and Entrepreneur Magazine. Her work has been published in several books and in journals such as the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Management, Human Resource Planning, Journal of Organization Behavior, Compensation and Benefits Review, Journal of Applied Psychology, and Journal of High Technology Management Research.

She is a well-known speaker and prolific writer in the areas of entrepreneurship, leadership, strategy, and HRM. Some of her latest work is focused on driving sustainable growth, data-driven storytelling and ways to enhance innovation through employee resource groups (ERGs).

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BSBA – University of Colorado, Boulder

PhD – University of Colorado, Boulder

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