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2018 Presentations

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Keynote Address: The New Leadership Literacies: Thriving in a Future of Extreme Disruption and Distributed Everything
Bob Johansen (Distinguished Fellow, Institute for the Future)

Chicken and Eggs; Causes and Effects; Agility and Digitalization
Chris Worley

Your Tomorrow: Investing in the future of our firm and our people
Anne Donovan (PwC)

Leadership for the Future: Tensions and Lessons from the Field
Bill Pasmore (Center for Creative Leadership)

High Performance Work Design
Alec Levenson, Michael McAtee (BASF) and Greg Andriate (Organization Innovation)

Performance Feedback Culture: Two New Studies
Gerry Ledford, Kevin Martin (i4cp), Anne Donovan (PwC) and George Benson

The Bossy Dilemma for Leadership: When Taking Control Gets Out of Control
Cathleen Clerkin (Center for Creative Leadership)

Crowd-Power: Engaging Outside Contributors for Real Work
Terri Griffith (Santa Clara University)