Innovation & Success Sharing Competition

Showcase New Ideas and Share Success for Collaborative Learning

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Showcase and Share Success for Collaborative Learning


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Innovation & Success Sharing Competition

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Showcase New Ideas and Share Success for Collaborative Learning

We’re excited to be hosting the Innovation Challenge and Success Sharing Competition this year, which is included in your Summit registration, where you can choose to do both or enter one category. This Competition is a great way to earn recognition for the work you and your team are doing, as well as engage your team in fun and useful innovation work.

Designed to be quick and easy, the Innovation & Success Sharing Competition allows you to participate without taking up too much of your time. A 3 minute video is all that is required to compete, and it’s a great opportunity to share, learn, and showcase your organization.

Step 1: Think about a new idea or past success you want to share.

Step 2: Visit the StartupWind platform to begin your application.

Step 3: Record a 3 minute video to complete your application that tells us about the idea/success by 11:59pm PST on August 26, 2024– you can use slides, props or yourself or team to tell the story (note: it does not have to be professionally done).

Winners will be announced  at the virtual Summit September 18-19, 2024.

This competition is all about learning, celebration and sharing. It is important because although ERGs have been in existence since the 1960s, there is very little recorded information on how they work and why they help their stakeholders. Our goal is breaking this trend and teaching through robust ideation and storytelling.

If you have any questions, please email Jennifer Sparks at or Dr. Theresa Welbourne at


Competition Judging Criteria

Presentation Content

Main Criteria

  • Identify the problem or pain point
  • Proposed solution to rectifying the problem or pain point 
  • Defines the target “customer” that will benefit from the solution 
  • Next steps for implementation or expanding solution
  • How memorable is the presentation and solutions

Additional Criteria (Bonus Points)

  • Financial or business analysis (costs, business model, ROI, etc.)
  • Enhanced implementation or expansion of the solution
  • Explanation of competitive advantage of solution vs. alternatives
  • Define leadership team and expertise that will drive solution
  • Likelihood of it to be adopted by other teams

Presentation Delivery

    • Present a holistic story with relevant examples
    • Clear & concise delivery that’s easily understood & relatable to the audience
    • Enthusiasm, passion and excitement about the solution


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