Employee Resource Group (ERG) Research

Engage Your ERGs During a Crisis

Employee resource groups (ERGs) have helped organizations in many ways during crisis situations. Now that the world is challenged with the spread of COVID-19, we want to know what you are doing to help employees, leaders and your community more effectively cope, and plan for the repercussions.

Please share the 5-minute survey below with your ERG leaders. We will share the results so that all ERG leaders can benefit from the work being done around the world.


The Annual Employee Resource Group (ERG) Research Survey

Are ERG’s driving high impact on organizational performance?

Find out how your ERG members are impacting performance in comparison to other organizations.  This benchmarking study, originated in 2012, is pivotal to advancing evidence-based academic research on the importance of ERG’s and their impact on overall business strategy.

Please share the anonymous survey with your ERG leaders and their members.

Advantages to Participating:

  • Access to validated metrics trending since 2012
  • Conversations with experts who can help you understand and communicate your findings to senior leadership
  • Webinars and Learning

The survey is anonymous, and your organization’s results will remain confidential.  Results are aggregated for all respondents across collected demographics such as ERG type, ERG Leadership vs. non-Leader.  See privacy policy.