Employee Resource Group (ERG) Research

The Annual Employee Resource Group (ERG) Research Survey

Where are your ERGs driving impact? How does your employee identity profile drive performance? 

Help your ERG leaders, sponsors and HR team by delivering data and benchmarking on the ways your ERGs are driving impact within your organization. This benchmarking scientific study originated in 2012, and it is pivotal to advancing our knowledge of ERGs and their impact on your organization’s strategy and performance.

This year we are adding questions related to employee identity, and the result of these questions will provide information focused on how your employee identity profiles may have changed during 2022 and what it means to your ERG work, as well as other roles employees have within the business. By participating, you will receive company level reports and benchmarking data. Also, you will be helping drive change on what we know about ERGs by being part of a large-scale rigorous study. 

Advantages to Participating:

  • Access to validated metrics trending since 2012
  • Conversations with experts who can help you understand and communicate your findings to senior leadership
  • Webinars and Learning

The survey is anonymous, and your organization’s results will remain confidential.  Results are aggregated for all respondents across collected demographics such as ERG type, ERG Leadership vs. non-Leadership.  See privacy policy.