Webinar: Improving Business Results With Data-Driven Storytelling

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Do you present data? Do you write reports that include numbers? Do people interrupt your presentations and ask if your data are “statistically significant?” Or do they interrupt and ask you a lot of “what if” questions, ignoring the points you are trying to make?

When was the last time you presented your very cool analytics and all eyes were on you in the way you wanted: interested, heads leaned forward, wanting to take action?

If this has not happened as much as you’d like, then think about spending some time in a one hour webinar with Dr. Theresa M. Welbourne to learn how like-minded business leaders are working to transform how they use data to tell stories and drive action that leads to positive results.

This is not an adventure in visualization software; we are using work from neuroscience and tools that directors use to make movies along with innovative new processes to learn to tell stories with data that change the way leaders are doing business.


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