Large-Scale Organizational Change

August 7, 1989

Allan M. Mohrman, Susan Albers Mohrman, Gerald E. Ledford, Jr., Thomas G. Cummings, Edward E. Lawler III & Associates. (Jossey-Bass, 1989)

This book provides a comprehensive examination of the theoretical questions and practical issues organizations face when they undergo a large-scale change — that is, a change in the fundamental character of an entire organization. In original chapters written expressly for this volume, the authors examine the challenges of achieving large-scale change — and they offer practical insights into overcoming those challenges and achieving positive change in different kinds of organizations.

The book provides in-depth case studies to explain why now, more than ever, changes in individual departments are not sufficient to keep companies competitive — revealing how such developments as technological innovation and legislative changes are causing organizations to undertake such pervasive, system-wide change.

On the basis of their extensive research and firsthand consulting experience with organizations involved in large-scale change, the authors outline strategies for fostering the widespread participation, effective communication, and motivated leadership essential for achieving lasting system-wide change. And they explain how to determine which change strategies will work most effectively given the particular goals and characteristics of an organization.

The authors offer insights into making such strategic decisions as whether to implement change from the top or bottom, whether to experiment with a program or initiate it all at once, and whether to adopt an existing change program or design a new one. And they explain how to design a flexible framework for change that will ensure adaptability over the long term and set the groundwork for success in meeting future challenges and opportunities.

They describe how to integrate methods for culture change, team building, revising reward systems and compensation policies, and changing organizational structures to ensure that changes are carried out strategically and are supported throughout the organization. And they offer practical strategies for planning and sequencing change efforts to enhance motivation and build the necessary momentum for system-wide change.

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