Treat People Right!: How Organizations and Individuals Can Propel Each Other Into a Virtuous Spiral of Success

January 1, 2003

book coverEdward E. Lawler III (Jossey-Bass, 2003)

Let one of the nation’s most renowned management experts show you how to make your organization truly great by putting its people first. In <em>Treat People Right!</em>, Edward Lawler explains how companies can move beyond the usual acknowledgment that human capital is their greatest asset to actually making it so. The result: a company that consistently attracts exceptional employees whose motivation never wanes. The secret? As Lawler maintains, companies must learn to “treat people right” by doing more than simply paying them well and providing decent working conditions. They must establish a special bond between themselves and the individuals who work for them – a symbiotic relationship that benefits employer and employee alike. And, here, Lawler clearly demonstrates how it’s done. The author also details specific practices designed to keep employee performance at peak levels, including establishing a reputation that attracts high achievers, selecting and developing those high achievers, and crafting a leadership style that complements your objectives. Solid examples from Microsoft, Motorola, IBM, Ford, and other leading companies illustrate Lawler’s principles in action.