Measuring Internal Communication: A toolkit for planning, conducting and applying performance measurement research

November 25, 2008

Theresa M. Welbourne

Why isn’t pure measurement or data enough to drive action?

Action planning requires powerful research data and dialogue. That’s why Melcrum’s Measuring internal communication guide is so helpful. It provides you with the tools, templates and techniques you need to plan your research, collect robust data, and analyze and present the findings to enable effective decision-making that drives business results.

Managers often receive the results of surveys with data that is too complex for them to even understand, let alone act upon. By learning a framework for planning and implementing four levels of measurement, you’ll be able to present your data in a more meaningful and compelling way to the people who will be using it.

Developed by measurement expert Theresa M. Welbourne, this guide gives you key insight on:

  • The best practice measurement cycle: Data, Dialogue, Action and Results
  • How to plan and design a survey
  • When to use focus groups
  • How to choose the right metrics for benchmarking
  • How to turn research data into valuable insights
  • How to communicate performance data to leaders, managers and employees

Plus, learn top tips from other industry leaders such as Angela Sinickas, Katie Paine and Barry Nelson who share their insights on metrics that matter, calculating ROI, dashboards and key performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of your activities.


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