Organizing for Sustainability

July 19, 2011

Susan Albers Mohman & A.B. (Rami) Shani, Editors
(Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2011)

Organizing for SustainabilityA large literature has been generated about sustainability, and many organizations, governments, communities and citizens have focused on it. Yet, given how quickly the limits of the current models of the global economy are being approached, we must accelerate the rate at which we learn to operate differently.

This first volume of the Emerald seriesOrganizing for Sustainable Effectiveness learns from some of the pioneers articulating these challenges and organizing to address them. There is an urgent need to grow the knowledge bases to guide the transition. Each chapter in this volume, crafted to bring together the knowledge of practice and theory, is based on rich empirical data about particular cases in which organizations are, individually or collectively, working to build a more sustainable future. Contributors bring theoretical knowledge to bear on these case examples and test the applicability of the formal knowledge base about management and organizations, while refining, modifying, and extending it to increase its usefulness in addressing the challenges of organizing for sustainable effectiveness.

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