“What’s My Energy” platform allows for energy tracking and productivity optimization

May 27, 2020

“What’s My Energy?”


Take a test drive to learn more about the daily energy pulsing initiative designed to help you learn and improve your personal energy while coping with the challenges of a pandemic.


The new What’s My Energy platform, developed by Dr. Theresa Welbourne, is being used to launch a new 30-day sprint to help users determine their energy at work and develop strategies for creating more positive energizing moments and less negatively charged energizing events. Are you low on energy? Are you in the zone? The new learning program is focused on helping you optimize your energy, which leads to positive outcomes at work and home.

“I developed energy pulsing™ from my research into drivers of firm performance. Energy is defined as the ability to do work. Optimizing employee energy results in higher levels of individual, team and organizational performance. Our energy metric predicts employee turnover and performance and is a fast method to track and act to optimize employee energy. Energy pulsing™ puts the employee at the center of a continuous improvement.” — Dr. Theresa Welbourne

If, at any time, you want to roll this offering out to your team, contact Jennifer Sparks for more information. Theresa and the team at the Center for Effective Organizations can work to customize the learning for your team.

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Why Now?

We are living in a time of high uncertainty, and individuals are coping with new working conditions. They may be working at home, or they may be returning to work with new safety requirements. It’s now time to help yourself and your employees by learning through these challenging times. By tracking energy on a daily basis, you can create new habits to optimize the time you are at your best and minimize the times when your energy is being zapped. Participants will have the opportunity to learn through reflective learning methodologies and short webinars offered through the CEO team.


The Daily Energy Pulsing Project

We are launching the daily energy pulse project to help individuals learn through a daily reflection process.  At the end of the daily initiative, we will move to weekly pulsing. The 30 day sprint, focused on each individual’s personal energy, is designed to help everyone learn and help optimize your own energy during a challenging time. The energy pulsing process is proven with over 25 years of research, working with millions of data points from people all over the world. The energy metric captures a key metric for understanding how to optimize your work and personal life. Learn from reflecting on your journal data and by engaging in learning modules from the overall research work.  There is no cost to the 30-day individual daily pulse project.

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