HR Strategy Tops Priority List for 2022: New Findings from the Latest Business Drivers Study

June 1, 2022

In this study of what Dr. Welbourne calls the Business Drivers Research, she starts by exploring the way many studies are done in organizations today. Rather than focusing on all assets or resources simultaneously, most company-level research focuses on only one asset at a time, including human resources. When assets or business drivers are studied in isolation then a true picture of the importance of each to the firm’s performance is not understood. Theresa’s work on the business drivers solves this problem by using a unique survey instrument that she has been using for over 20 years, including in work on the long-term performance of larger numbers of firms (e.g., survival, stock price growth, profitability and more). In this study surveying individual leaders and managers she finds that when comparing the importance of things like financial capital, technological capital, marketing expertise, product characteristics and various aspects of HR, the key asset that the work suggests will drive business results in 2022 is a firm’s overall Human Resource Strategy. These findings are unique when compared to work done in prior years, where the key drivers have been business strategy and business culture. Read the report and learn more. If you missed the opportunity to conduct this research with your own leadership team, call us to learn more about how we can provide that opportunity to you and your business.

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