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June 19, 2023

Last updated March 22, 2024

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As we continue to adjust to a “new normal”, we would like to remind you of the resources available to help you and your organization. Most businesses have been transitioning to increased remote work, and have moved events and learning onto digital platforms. But this is just one of many large challenges facing your organization. From the disruption to your business models, supply chains and revenue streams, to addressing the company’s responsibility for helping employees in the face of disruption, there are many effects of this highly uncertain and stressful period which are undoubtedly weighing heavily on your company and on the HR function.

Our CEO researchers have compiled a diverse list of resources that may be of help to you and your teams as you move through this period of uncertainty. We will be adding to this over the next several weeks and months.

March 22, 2024

Employers Train Employees to Close the AI Skills Gap
Jobs of all stripes are being remade by this rapidly evolving technology, which has created a daunting workforce reskilling challenge for HR and learning leaders.

AI risk and governance: Utopian and dystopian views
Effective leaders embrace the complexities of AI, recognize the limits of their control and take steps to anticipate and manage risks.

AI Makes 32-Hour Workweek Possible, Says Rep. Mark Takano
Technology has brought humanity to a place where we can ask the question, ‘How much time does everyone need to work?’

February 21, 2024

Here’s How Generative AI Will Redefine The Workplace
HR leaders are now expected to go beyond their typical area of expertise (people) and understand/adopt new technologies (like AI) within the workforce, to both make teams more productive and create policies for safe use.

What Leaders Should Know About Measuring AI Project Value
Most AI/machine learning projects report only on technical metrics that don’t tell leaders how much business value could be delivered. To prevent project failures, press for business metrics instead.

LLMs and creative outputs: Synergistic lessons for innovative adoptions
LLMs have shown remarkable abilities across multiple subject matter domains. As they continue to evolve, LLMs are poised to become integral to human-machine collaboration across the entire creative process.

January 29, 2024

Five Key Trends in AI and Data Science for 2024
Artificial intelligence and data science became front-page news in 2023. The rise of generative AI, of course, drove this dramatic surge in visibility. So, what might happen in the field in 2024 that will keep it on the front page? And how will these trends really affect businesses?

5 things business leaders should consider in 2024
Effective leaders focus on strategies to operate efficiently and grow despite volatility and uncertainty.

Executives Cautiously Hit The Brakes On Artificial Intelligence
Close to three-quarters of executives, 72%, say they are purposely exercising restraint with generative AI investments, mainly due to societal pressures to use AI responsibly.

January 3, 2024

Can Workplaces Have Too Much Psychological Safety?
The notion of psychological safety is an idea first developed in the 1950s that has been extended in important and careful ways in recent years, especially by Amy Edmondson of Harvard Business School. The core of the idea is that a context that is psychologically safe is one where people feel they won’t experience interpersonal harm — being ridiculed or otherwise personally attacked — if they try to speak up, make mistakes, take risks, or ask for help.

The Hidden Opportunity in Paradoxes
When faced with impossible choices, organizations that embrace seemingly contradictory options expand the scope of what’s possible.

Tackling AI’s Climate Change Problem
The AI industry could soon be one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions, if current trends continue.

December 4, 2023

Are RAI Programs Prepared for Third-Party and Generative AI?
New research from MIT SMR and BCG reveals that most organizations are not prepared for the risks posed by generative AI tools.

Be ready, be resilient – the opportunities and threats of AI
A Financial Institutions podcast episode focusing on the benefits of businesses using AI and the regulatory changes and coverage challenges faced by FIs.

Micro Utility With Gen AI: Shopify’s Miqdad Jaffer
The digital commerce platform is helping entrepreneurs get their products to market faster by giving them tools built on generative AI.

How Next-Generation Technology Will Improve Open Enrollment
Employers have experienced mixed results in recent years when using new technologies to improve the benefits open enrollment process.

November 1, 2023

Accelerating change amid disruption
Effective leaders act decisively across five areas to increase revenue amid constant disruption.

The Profound Influence of Small Choices in Digital Collaboration
Simple decisions about how to use collaboration tools can set teams on a path toward either incremental or breakthrough innovations.

Tech talent in transition: Seven technology trends reshaping telcos
With technologies like edge computing, AI, and xRAN transforming telecom, leaders are reassessing how to capture value. Rethinking talent is a key piece of the puzzle.

October 2, 2023

The Why, What, and How of Skills-Based Talent Practices
Building a skills-based approach to hiring and talent development goes hand in hand with building a more equitable organization.

Does AI Signal the End of HR?
A recent Goldman Sachs report found that as many as 300 million jobs around the world could be affected by AI and automation, including office and administrative support roles. But replace HR? No. Not even close, according to both HR and technology experts. Not anytime soon, and quite likely, not anytime ever.

Follow the Leader: How a CEO’s Personality Is Reflected in Their Company’s Culture
There’s no ideal personality type for executives — but businesses need the right one for success.

August 17, 2023

LinkedIn Says ChatGPT-Related Job Postings Have Ballooned 21-Fold Since November
According to new data released Tuesday in LinkedIn’s Future of Work report, the share of global English-language job postings on the platform mentioning GPT or ChatGPT has increased 21 times since November 2022, when OpenAI first released its AI chatbot into the world.

Facilitating Decision-Making On Hybrid Work Across Levels
The post-pandemic work environment is drastically different, with many companies exploring hybrid models that blend in-office and remote work. These models provide employees with increased flexibility and autonomy, essential factors for boosting retention and productivity. However, effective implementation of these models remains a complex challenge.

How HR Is Using Generative AI in Performance Management
While more HR pros are using generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) for recruiting, employee communications and learning tasks, they’ve been slower to use it for performance management.

July 25, 2023

The AI Hype Cycle Is Distracting Companies
Machine learning has an “AI” problem. With new breathtaking capabilities from generative AI released every several months — and AI hype escalating at an even higher rate — it’s high time we differentiate most of today’s practical ML projects from those research advances.

Flexible and Effective: Leadership Strategies for the Hybrid Workplace
Many leaders don’t know how to manage work based on outcomes versus the proverbial “bums in seats” — tracking who is at the office and for how long. But it’s possible to have a high-performing, healthy workplace culture in a hybrid workplace, with flexibility in when and where people work. It just needs to be managed differently.

5 Key HR Metrics to Track
How to use people data to help make your company better.

July 5, 2023

13 Principles for Using AI Responsibly
The competitive nature of AI development poses a dilemma for organizations, as prioritizing speed may lead to neglecting ethical guidelines, bias detection, and safety measures. Known and emerging concerns associated with AI in the workplace include the spread of misinformation, copyright and intellectual property concerns, cybersecurity, data privacy, as well as navigating rapid and ambiguous regulations. To mitigate these risks, we propose thirteen principles for responsible AI at work.

With Burnout on the Rise, What Can Companies Do About It?
Workforce data highlights the need to understand burnout, measure its dimensions, and identify actions for managers and employees to mitigate its effects.

3 Steps to Prepare Your Culture for AI
The platform shift to AI is well underway. And while it holds the promise of transforming work and giving organizations a competitive advantage, realizing those benefits isn’t possible without a culture that embraces curiosity, failure, and learning.

June 19, 2023

Research: The Flexibility Options Your On-Site Employees Want
Gallup surveyed more than 5,700 U.S. workers in industries such as manufacturing, transportation, health care, education, and service to understand which flexibility options their employers were offering and which flexibility options would entice them to switch jobs.

The Death Knell For Full-Time In-Office Work
Once upon a time, the office was a bustling hive of productivity, with workers flocking together daily in a shared workspace. But in recent years, this familiar scene has become a vanishing relic of a bygone era.

How Remote Work Empowers Women And Fights “Greedy Work”
The growth of remote and hybrid work may be the pandemic’s silver lining, offering a solution to the tension between career and family.

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