Alexis A. Fink, PhD.

Vice President, People Analytics and Workforce Strategy

Alexis A. Fink, PhD., has spent 2 decades leading Talent Analytics, Talent Management and large scale organizational change teams at leading global organizations, most recently Meta, Intel, and Microsoft. In her practice, she has addressed leadership assessment and succession planning, sophisticated internal research projects, management development, culture and employee value proposition, employee surveys, acquisition integration, process improvement, and major IT implementations.

Across multiple organizations and domain spaces, Alexis has brought a powerful focus on driving efficiency, effectiveness and impact, working integratively with other disciplines to achieve business results. An effective and experienced global organizational leader herself, she has been able to practice what she preaches, building high performance organizations that incorporate professionals from widely diverse backgrounds.

Alexis earned her BA in Psychology at DePauw University, and her MS and PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Old Dominion University. She has served as chair of technical conferences and professional consortia, and is Fellow of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. In addition to being a leading practitioner, she has approximately 100 publications and professional presentations, and currently serves as practice editor for Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice. Her latest books are: Investing in People: Financial Impact of Human Resource Initiatives, Third Edition and Employee Surveys and Sensing: Challenges and Opportunities.

Recent Research

Analytics and Design for High Performance

In this webinar Drs Levenson and Fink review the evidence on the roles of technology and control systems in promoting performance, separate from employee engagement. They show how engagement can help enhance performance in some jobs while having little to no impact in other jobs.

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Workforce Planning that Really is Strategic

Alec Levenson and Alexis Fink share how most workforce planning efforts are fairly short sighted and narrow, and could more accurately be called 12 month hiring plans. Strategic workforce planning promises to deliver greater value by using a longer time horizon and a talent supply chain approach.

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Untangling Engagement and High Performance

Alec Levenson (CEO) and Alexis Fink (Intel) explain how employee engagement and performance are supposed to be closely related, and there is both empirical and conceptual support for a strong relationship.

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Analytics for Driving High Performance

In this webinar, Alec Levenson and Alexis Fink discuss some of the current challenges in the way that analytics are applied to HR and talent issues. The problem we face in organizations today is not a lack of analysis but oftentimes the opposite: too much analysis and data are thrown against the wall in the hopes that something will stick and make sense.

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