Lacey Leone McLaughlin

Executive Education – Affiliated Practitioner

Lacey Leone McLaughlin is a leadership and talent management professional with demonstrated experience in marketing, designing, and delivering cutting-edge consulting services to Global 1000 companies. As an Affiliated Practitioner of Executive Education at the Center for Effective Organizations in the Marshall School of Business, Lacey’s role focuses on  Executive Education programs.

Before joining the Center, Lacey worked as a human capital consultant and partnered with organizations in all areas of human resources consulting. Lacey has designed, implemented and facilitated large-scale change, strategy, coaching, learning and development initiatives. She had designed customized 360 instruments and provided consultation on strategies and best practices for incorporating 360 tools in organizational development efforts.

Lacey has partnered with several industry leaders in aerospace, automotive, entertainment, retail, and technology. She has a proven track record of expanding business relationships and building business partnerships. She works to ensure that all talent interventions have meaningful and lasting business results.

Lacey holds a Master’s in Business Administration with an emphasis in Leadership and Management.


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Recent Research

Data-Driven Storytelling, 5/13/13

Data-Driven Storytellers help leaders use HR data to have highly interactive dialogues that lead to decisive action that fuels high-impact and measurable business results.

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Making the Business Case for Employee Resource Groups

There has been an evolution and growth of employee resource groups (ERGs) over the last 30 years. In this article, Theresa M. Welbourne (CEO) and Lacey Leone McLaughlin (CEO) supplement the work on ERGs through several different data-gathering approaches.

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ERG's and Innovation, 2/26/13, Audio/Slides

Theresa Welbourne and Lacey Leone McLaughlin discussed new learnings from the first Employee Resource Group (ERG) Summit and the research conducted for that program.

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Insights and Learning from Data Coaches

Theresa Welbourne along with Omari Maulana and Lacey Leone McLaughlin, discussed what data coaching is, what it can do, and how it has evolved.

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