Max Blumberg

Affiliate Research Scientist

Max Blumberg, Ph.D., bridges the worlds of business performance and analytics to improve strategy execution, design powerful people processes and increase sales force effectiveness.

Max has deep experience and success with virtually every aspect of business design, performance, diagnosis, and execution. He first worked as a management consultant at Accenture. He next launched and successfully sold a large technology component distribution company. In the following chapter of his career he was new business director for two technology companies including IBM SPSS, simultaneously earning his Ph.D. in psychology at Goldsmiths College, University of London. While in graduate school he also launched the Blumberg Partnership, a Top 50 analytics consultancy which delivers analytics and machine learning solutions to organisations like Nestle, Lloyds Register, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, GB Group plc, Angle Technology, the BBC, Rentokil Initial, Barclays Corporate, Brit Insurance, the MOD, the CIPD, and Friends Provident.

Max’ expertise is truly unique, ranging from being a CEO to advising CEOs. His practical grounding in strategy, finance, economics and HR, enabled him to develop a full systems approach that can be applied to diagnose and solve complex challenges arising from the operating model, organizational structure, and job design. He has deployed the methodology and state-of-the-art tools to help global companies deliver winning sales strategies, market segmentation, go-to-market strategies, sales force designs, and people processes. He has trained a large number of MBA students on key aspects of the methodology, including the role of assets and capital in generating enterprise value, optimizing human capital, investment allocation, linkage analysis, and cutting edge analytical techniques. At University of London he researches the key drivers of workforce performance.

Examples of Max’ successful work with companies include:

  • Multilevel analysis and redesign of sales organization around sales drivers and competencies. New recruitment process yielded 30% increase in sales performance.
  • Completely redesigned the sales organization by customer segment and selling challenge for a global organization.
  • Market research and organizational redesign to improve an insurance company’s sales processes.
  • Digital transformation and communication strategy that aligned the organization for a successful change management process
  • Defined service offerings, target markets, and customer segmentation for a leading global consulting company.
  • Created the value profiler to measure the effect of people processes on business outcomes, workforce capability, and organizational performance.
  • Aligned company’s senior leadership and the board of directors on which people processes, workforce capabilities, and key performance drivers were most important for driving business outcomes.
  • Career assessment and development for senior leadership team of an organization undergoing substantial change.
  • Change management and outplacement strategy for organization that transitioned to shared services operating model.

In addition to his consulting and research, Max is a top notch people analytics podcast and conference host, and a psychology commentator for various media outlets. He contributes to Achievers Extraordinary (a charity empowering people to help themselves), is a personal fitness and Pilates trainer, and a keen musician, with one successful chart song from his youth.

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