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Strategic Organization Design

April 12, 2021 - May 17, 2021

Deepen your understanding and sharpen your skills

Organizational design is a cornerstone of competitive advantage and performance. The ability to design organizations that are efficient enough to drive performance and flexible enough to sustain advantage is a fundamental capability in today’s dynamic and competitive environment. Dynamic strategies call for new organizational forms that pose complex new design challenges at all levels and in all sub-systems of the organization.

This workshop provides participants with the principles, frameworks, and tools of organization design for those who wish to develop a deeper understanding of the topic. It also addresses the ever-increasing challenges created by a growing digital economy where work, change, and design issues are merging.

Attendees might include:

  • Human Resource Professionals

  • Line Managers and Design Teams

  • Internal Corporate Consultants

  • Organization Development Professionals




Chris Worley

Beth Gunderson

Sue Mohrman


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Non-Sponsor: $5,550.00
Sponsor: $4,200.00


Although this workshop provides a broad overview and hands-on tools, it is designed for people with some grounding in organization design issues.


Participants are encouraged to come as teams. Groups of three or more from the same company will receive a 15% discount.


We will begin Monday, April 12th and run for six consecutive Mondays.

Monday sessions will be 2-4 hours in duration and focus on a key aspect of the redesign process.

Each Monday, we will start at 9:00am PT.

Application assignments will be provided that will move you through the design sequence while working on your own organization design challenges.

Design Models

The frameworks in the
program will focus on:

Ensuring the organization design supports the business strategy
Designing for flexibility, innovation, and rapid change
Organizing around customers, geographies, and products
Leveraging resources as the business becomes more complex
Designing alliances, networks, and other lateral structures
Governing an increasingly complex organization
Integrating globally dispersed organizations
Ensuring the human capital approaches support the strategy
Implementing new and more effective designs


In order to get the most out of the workshop, there will be a few pre-work assignments that include:

Viewing a one-hour introductory webinar.
Reading four chapters of Jay Galbraith’s Designing Organizations.
Reading three case studies or articles that will be discussed.
Summarizing an organization design challenge using a workbook.

The book, workbook, and case studies will be provided in advance. In total, this pre-work will take approximately three to four hours.


Susan A. Mohrman

Susan A. Mohrman

Senior Research Scientist

Chistopher G. Worley

Chistopher G. Worley

Senior Research Scientist

Beth Gunderson

Beth Gunderson

CEO Affliated Practitioner, Minikahda Partners


April 12, 2021
May 17, 2021


CA United States


Vivian Jimenez