The impact of ERGs during COVID-19, social unrest, and the rest of 2020’s surprises with Theresa Welbourne
To operate their organizations effectively across the globe, leaders need to rethink how and where work gets done.
During the COVID-19 crisis, senior leaders must rethink key decision-making processes in order to enhance trust, transparency, and teamwork.
The Center for Effective Organizations is thrilled to welcome Jennifer Deal as a Senior Research Scientist. Her research statement follows: Overall Research Program My research is focused on addressing key issues leaders are facing by advancing theory and developing practical recommendations to improve leader, team, and organizational effectiveness.  In my research I work to understand […]
This insightful Research Agenda presents the foundations of employee engagement, providing a framework for future research to serve as an evidence-based guide to practice. Offering an overview of contemporary engagement theory and research, it addresses important new directions for expanding our current understanding of the meaning, focus, development and outcomes of engagement.
Gratitude, mindfulness and empowerment. Not words usually associated with hard-charging, data-driven organizations—until recently. Increasingly, academic research is proving that employee well-being benefits company culture, employee retention and productivity, and the call to integrate these principles into everyday operations is entering the mainstream. Three USC Marshall researchers including CEO's Jennifer Deal discuss details of their latest research into this topic.
As organizations plan for a future where COVID-19 is no longer a health threat, leaders are setting the stage for what is sometimes called “return to work.”  Leaders are tempted to pronounce broad policies, that are often inconsistent from one organization to another.  They are tempted to solve the thorny issues presented by a workforce […]
Integrating Analytics and OD for Deeper Impact Webinar with Alec Levenson and Maura Stevenson
Intelligent Automation (IA) to Accelerate Human Potential (Human Element Unplugged Webinar) with John Boudreau and Ben Schneider
My previous blog described how COVID has accelerated the melting of traditional jobs into more fluid work elements (such as tasks) and melting traditional job holders into more fluid worker capabilities (such as skills). Fluid work can empower or exploit workers, and COVID and other disruptions have accelerated and starkly illuminated the difference.  Will fluid […]
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