The Intersection of HR Business Partnering, Analytics and OD with Alec Levenson and Maura Stevenson
with Dr Philip H. Mirvis and Dr. Susan Albers Mohrman
with Dr Susan Albers Mohrman, Prof Christopher G. Worley and Prof John Boudreau
with Dr. Philip Mirvis (Babson), Dr. Susan Mohrman (USC), and Professor Christoper Worley (Pepperdine)
Originally published on Recent news outlets (Axios, Forbes, and more) have been reporting the latest decision by LinkedIn to pay their employee resource group (ERG) global co-chairs $10,000 per year. Most of the opinions published on this development are positive, noting that ERG work is voluntary, done outside of normal working hours, and often […]
Seeing Around Corners: Emerging Trends Disrupting Organization Design with Beth Gunderson and Sarah Sonnenfeld
When Covid-19 gripped the global economy in the first half of 2020, there was an immediate shock to the economic system because the “price” of doing work in person was suddenly, and quite dramatically shifted. If the virus mitigation measures and vaccines rollouts over the past 19 months had put the world on a path to sustainable economic recovery heading into 2022, the negative economic impacts would be going away quickly right now.
Even before the Delta variant of Covid-19 swept across the globe, there already were clear signs that the economic disruptions that set in a year and a half ago were still going strong. Adding in Delta further increases uncertainty, pushing back any new equilibrium well into 2022 at the earliest, and likely well beyond
Evolving operating models under COVID-19 with Alec Levenson and Beth Gunderson
The impact of ERGs during COVID-19, social unrest, and the rest of 2020’s surprises with Theresa Welbourne
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