Webinar: How HR Supports Organization Agility, 2/29/2016

Click here for a PDF of the February 29 slides

with Sue Mohrman and Chris Worley

Is your organization needing to ratchet up its capacity to change, to adapt in the face of a disruptive and dynamic industry environment? Has your HR function been accused of having rigid and constraining policies and practices? This webinar addresses what the HR function can do to enable agile functioning and help build agile capabilities into the company.

CEO’s research on agile organizations points out that it’s hard for an organization to be agile if the enabling functions of the organization and the organization practices they lead are not agile. The research suggested that organizations need to modify the well-known KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle and embrace the ITSS (it’s the system stupid) principle. We know that organizations cannot be agile unless all of the design elements and functions are also agile.

In this webinar, Chris Worley and Sue Mohrman, Senior Research Scientists and Directors of CEO’s Organization Design Program, describe the foundations of agility – how the full systems design using the Star Model compliments today’s VUCA world. We examine the findings from a recent study of HR departments in Europe carried out in collaboration with the Corporate Research Forum. Specific, concrete examples from European HR functions and organizations provide important lessons for all organizations about how HR can foster agility, not hinder it–and some guidelines, principles to help in the fundamental reorientation of the function for today’s world.