Tomorrow’s Organization: Crafting Winning Capabilities in a Dynamic World

January 30, 1998

Tomorrow's Organization- Crafting Winning Capabilities in a Dynamic WorldSusan Albers Mohrman , Jay R. Galbraith , and Edward E. Lawler III, (Jossey-Bass, 1998)

Much has been written about the emerging business strategies and management trends that companies are exploring as they search for solutions in the face of increased global competition. But what does the successful organization of the future really look like?

Now the Center for Effective Organizations, the premier business research center, offers a provocative new look at how to redesign organizations to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century. Based on eighteen years of in-depth research, this powerful new book, successor to the highly acclaimedOrganizing for the Future, describes the building blocks for creating tomorrow’s dynamic organizations and provides hands-on guidance for implementing change. A diverse group of experts on management and organization offers a lively and insightful examination of the ways in which today’s most successful companies are reshaping themselves to compete in tomorrow’s turbulent business markets.

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