Creating a Strategic Human Resources Organization: An Assessment of Trends and New Directions

March 13, 2003

Creating a Strategic Human Resources Organization- An Assessment of Trends and New DirectionsEdward E. Lawler III and Susan Albers Mohrman (Stanford University Press, 2003)

Corporations are undergoing dramatic changes with significant implications for how human resources are best managed and organized. There is a growing consensus that human capital is critical to an organization’s success. But is there a consensus about how the HR function itself should be organized? Or if change is in fact occurring?

Creating a Strategic Human Resources Organization, the third study on the HR function in large corporations, measures howchanges in the business environment affect human resources and, consequently, whether HR is becoming a strategic business partner. A follow-up to the 1995 and 1998 reports, this edition compares new data with the original studies to note changes and improvements in the selected corporations. This publication is a CEO report of a study funded by the Human Resource Planning Society and the corporate sponsors of the Center for Effective Organizations.

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