Assessing Organization Agility: Creating Diagnostic Profiles to Guide Transformation

April 24, 2014

Christopher G. Worley, Thomas D. Williams, and Edward E. Lawler III
(Jossey-Bass, 2014)

book coverThis “short format” publication is a “tools” product that describes how to assess an organization’s level of agility. The book features two forms of assessment. The first form is a longer version that replicates the agility survey used in the research leading to the book. The second form is an ‘on-line’ version of the survey which provides an interactive means for quickly diagnosing and comparing one’s organization with different benchmark organizations. The short format book describes the survey, the agility model, methods for comparing data against best practices, and diagnostic guidelines. It also proposes a set of intervention or change management processes for improving an organizations’ agility profile.

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