Strategic Organization Design Workshop- Suggested Readings/Papers

February 20, 2020

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List of Papers and Articles

Listed in alphabetical order by title.

Agility and Organization Design: A Diagnostic Framework
(Worley & Lawler, 2010)

Building a Change Capability at Capital One Financial
(Worley & Lawler, 2009)

Champion Case-Design Evolution at Champion International
(this is the FULL paper of the 5-page pre-read assignment) Synopsized from: What Works: A Decade of Change in Champion International
Richard Ault, Richard Walton, Mark Childers
(Jossey-Bass, 1998)

Consulting to Team-Based Organizations: An Organizational Design and Learning Approach
(Mohrman & Quam, 1999)

The Contexts for Geographically Dispersed Teams and Networks
(Mohrman, 1998)

Dealing with Rough Times
(Mohrman & Worley, 2009)

Designing Organizations That are Built to Change
(Worley & Lawler, 2006)

Evolution and Revolution as Organizations Grow
(Greiner, 1998)

Getting Rid of the Bottom 10%, Sounds Good But …
(Lawler, 2002)

Just Rewards – Let’s Get CEO Pay Right This Time
(Lawler, 2009)

Leading Change Do It with Conversation
(Mohrman, 2007)

Microsoft Overhauls, the Apple Way
(Wingfield 2013)

Organization Design Challenges Resulting from Big Data
(Galbraith, 2014)

Organization Design for Growth: The Human Resource Contribution
(Mohrman, 2007)

The Organizational Level of Analysis: Consulting to the Implementation of New Organizational Designs
(Mohrman, 2001)

Pay Strategy: New Thinking for the New Millennium
(Lawler, 2000)

Reward Practices and Performance Management System Effectiveness
(Lawler, 2003)

A Study of Cutting Edge Performance Management Practices: Ongoing Feedback, Ratingless Reviews, and Crowd-Sourced Feedback
(Lawler, Ledford, Benson, 2016)

Who Has the D?: How Clear Decision Roles Enhance Organizational Performance
(Rogers and Blenko, 2006)

Where Counting Counts
(Fenlon and Mohrman, 2010)

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