Integrating Analytics and OD for Deeper Impact Webinar

January 20, 2021

Click here for the PowerPoint slides (in PDF format).

People analytics and organization development (OD) are practiced in organizations as almost completely different professions, yet their principles are very similar. Done the right way, analytics and OD are like twins separated at birth – and not like the left brain/right brain stereotypes typically used to describe their differences.

In this webinar, Alec Levenson and Maura Stevenson will review the foundations and overlaps where the worlds of OD and people analytics come together to create the most meaningful insights and impactful organizational changes. They will discuss the challenges of integrating both approaches in a world where senior leaders want overly-quick diagnoses and even quicker actions, when more careful scientifically-based approaches can produce better outcomes for the bottom line and the people who work for you.

Specific examples of how OD and analytics can be combined to improve both measurement/sense making and action/change will be addressed.