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Elevate your organization’s diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) efforts with the Center for Effective Organization’s Strategic ERG Leadership Project. This Project empowers organizations through a comprehensive suite of initiatives that foster inclusive workplaces by equipping leaders with the tools and insights needed to drive impactful Employee Resource Group (ERG) initiatives.

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Leadership Development and Advancement

Initiatives like the Strategic ERG Leadership Certificate Program and the ERG Leadership Summit focus on developing and empowering diverse leaders within organizations. These programs provide opportunities for ERG leaders to enhance their skills, expand their responsibilities, and potentially transition into broader business leadership roles, thereby promoting diversity in leadership positions.

Data-Driven Decision Making and Accountability

   The Annual ERG Impact Study and The State of ERGs Research and Benchmarking Report emphasize the importance of data in understanding the impact and effectiveness of ERGs within organizations. By collecting and analyzing data on ERG performance and practices, companies can identify areas for improvement, set benchmarks, and hold themselves accountable for progress in DEI initiatives.

Community Building and Collaboration

   The ERG Community Platform to Learn & Connect and the 8-Week ERG Challenge Clinics foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and networking among ERG leaders, members, and other stakeholders. These initiatives provide platforms for individuals and organizations to share experiences, best practices, and success stories, facilitating a sense of community and collective learning in advancing DEI goals.

Top Articles on ERGs

How Employee Resource Groups Can Help Manage COVID-19 or Coronavirus Fears

Theresa M. Welbourne

Employee resource groups (ERGs) have a history of helping bring calm during rough times. Consider their inception point. During the United States’ first race riot in Rochester, N.Y., the CEO of Xerox started the precursor to today’s ERGs, the black caucus.


Is Equality the Next New Thing? Why It May Matter More Today

Theresa M. Welbourne

In the Fall Leadership Pulse® report, we examined leader energy and attitudes toward diversity. However, rather than just asking about diversity in general, we did a deep dive examining the new language of diversity. Specifically, we looked at three items: diversity, belonging, and equality.

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