Webinar: It Takes a Village: Creating HR Strategic Impact by Reaching Out Beyond the HR Function, 9/23/14, recording/slides

Click here for a PDF of the slides from the September 23 webinar

September 23, 2014
9:00am – 10:00am (PT)

with John Boudreau (Professor and Research Director)

Do your chief strategy, marketing, operations and technology officers help create your organizations HR strategy? They should.

The quest to increase HR’s strategic impact often focuses only on HR professionals and the HR function, and its capabilities, tools and deliverables. That’s important but not enough. HR strategic impact requires redefining the boundary of strategic HR, to include collaboration, career rotations, and cooperative strategy building with outside disciplines like strategy, finance and operations. This webinar will review data that suggests such functional cross-pollination is very rare, and describe how HR leaders can enhance their strategic impact by skillfully orchestrating cross-functional expertise and connections.