Accelerating Organizational Transition

December 22, 2001

Price: $299.00

Why do some organizations make required changes and achieve new levels of performance successfully, while other units in the same organization seemingly stumble and never achieve new levels of performance?
This two-part video reveals how viewing organizational change as a learning process that can be accelerated is the difference. Based on a three-year study of ten companies undergoing fundamental change in their business models, it describes the learning challenges in organizational change and how leaders and managers can accelerate transitions.
We talk with members of Shell Oil about their organizational transition and the factors that facilitated accelerated learning and change and we provide a framework applicable to all organizations:

  • Part One: Accelerating the Learning Process (29 minutes)
    Organizations are simultaneously changing their business models, their organizational forms, and their work systems and technologies in order to develop new organizational capabilities. Five key learning practices that accelerate such transitions are illustrated with concrete examples.
  • Part Two: Leading Learning During Transition (26 minutes)
    Transition cannot be commanded from the top. It happens throughout the organization. The important role of executives and managers in leading learning and self-design processes is described. Building capability for learning and self-design allows organizations to move quickly in today’s dynamic environment where organizational transition is an ongoing requirement.

This video is suitable for executives, managers, project teams, and other business units that want to accelerate successful learning and change throughout their organization-and for courses dealing with organizational transformation. The accompanying Leader’s Guide offers ways to structure sessions using this video and the key questions that users should address.