The Intersection of HR Business Partnering, Analytics and OD

January 12, 2022

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Before Covid-19, the demands on HR were at an all-time high. The pandemic then layered on a brand new set of obstacles that, almost two years later, make it challenging to find the time and space to address longer-term issues. Yet the need to address bigger picture strategic challenges is even greater today precisely because the pandemic has consumed so much time and energy, leaving little room for error.

To meet these challenges, HR leaders and business partners need to be able to work fluidly across the seemingly disparate domains of OD and analytics to understand organizational systems and drive business outcomes. In this session Maura Stevenson and Alec Levenson address how OD and analytics are not opposites, and more like “twins separated at birth.” Taking an integrated approach can provide a robust strategy to simultaneously address short-term business and pandemic needs, while helping navigate the business to achieve the longer-term strategic objectives.