WEBINAR: Leveraging Science and Data to Increase HR’s Impact

December 13, 2022

Click here for the PowerPoint slides (in PDF format).

HR Business Partners, People Analytics (PA) and Organization Development (OD) are three central players in HR’s mission to support the business and create win-win outcomes for shareholders and employees alike.

Currently, PA and OD are organized and implemented as separate spheres of expertise, with HRBPs drawing from both to help in their work. The problem for the business and HR is that this disjointed approach leaves tremendous value on the table, impacting strategy execution and organizational effectiveness. We need a more integrated approach to reveal actionable insights and produce meaningful change.

This webinar reviews the current state of practice for these central players, areas of overlap and synergies, and the gaps that need to be addressed to improve alignment, performance and business impact. Specific lessons learned from the Center for Effective Organization’s action research and consulting with leading global companies will be shared. Topics addressed include:

  • Leveraging the scientific method to improve the practice of HRBPs, PA and OD
  • Increasing the role of data and measurement while implementing change initiatives
  • Achieving closer integration of all three groups