Intelligent Automation (IA) to Accelerate Human Potential (Human Element Unplugged Webinar)

October 20, 2020

Panel Facilitator: Viq Pervaaz, Health Sciences & Wellness Leader, EYThis breakthrough event will enable industry & academic thought leaders to explore:

The value of Intelligent Automation
The evolution of IA, and its value to the Health Sciences and other industries

How Intelligent Automation strengthens your people agenda?
Industry-specific data & perspectives on optimizing intelligent automation to enable collaboration, strengthen decision-making, and derive value

The Pivotal Role of “Automation Climate” Beyond “Upskilling”
How to measure and use climate for automation (trust, engagement, motivation), including new survey data using the “Work Automation Index” (WAI)

Where are we headed?
Actionable ways that we can reimagine our workforce strategies to support a future marked by artificial and augmented intelligence.