WEBINAR: Fluid Talent and Technology: The “Secret Sauce” to Building Organizational Capability

October 28, 2022

Click here for the PowerPoint slides (in PDF format).

In the years leading up to 2020, talent strategies already were challenged to more agilely respond to increasing labor and product market volatility. The Covid-19 pandemic showed how to quickly pivot to accommodate increased remote work. Yet the immediate wins in pandemic operational execution often came at the expense building the long-term organizational capabilities required for future success.

This webinar reviews a number of critical issues facing business and HR leaders who want to accelerate the transition to the future of work and more-fluid operating models, including:

  • How do we bridge the gap between the people we hire and the capabilities needed to deliver on the business model?
  • How can business and HR leaders approach this new world of work in a way that meets the short-term-focused, on-demand needs of the business, with the longer-term focused human needs of their people?
  • The capabilities the HR function needs to evolve and build to increase strategic impact