Research and Insights from the Center for Effective Organizations

New CEO-WorldatWork Monograph on Cutting-Edge Performance Management

This monograph by Ledford, G., Benson, G., and Lawler, E. provides a comprehensive report of findings from a large-scale study of cutting-edge performance management practices. It covers several topics not discussed in other papers, such as detail on types of organizations that adopt cutting edge practices and change management issues in implementing these practices.

Rethinking Talent Management Research

For most CEOs, “talent” is at or near the top of their priority list. Yet in our 2016 survey of over 230 organisations, only 17% of respondents rated their organisation as effective in predicting and planning future talent needs. Only 20% were satisfied with the outcomes of their organisation’s Talent Management efforts. This research report draws upon international good practice, including work of leading academics, specialist consultants and experienced practitioners. The findings include practical recommendations and methodologies for improvement.

Time to Rethink the IPO

Using the funding from an IPO to drive innovation, secure an internal team that can propel growth and invest in the right leadership and partners will get a company a long way, and the sooner the firm starts and uses investment for these purposes, the better.