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Measuring the Effectiveness and Impact of Executive Coaching

Anecdotes abound on the effects that coaching can have in improving executives' performance at a behavioral level. However, there is little systematic research analyzing whether such improvements in behaviors can lead to better business performance. The Center for Effective Organizations conducted two studies to address that gap.

The first study looked at the issue from an organizational perspective addressing: (a) the overall effectiveness and organizational impacts of executive coaching; (b) the prevalence and effectiveness of internal versus external coaching models; and (c) the importance of providing central coordination and conducting evaluations of coaching.

The second study looked at the issue from an individual perspective identifying the levers through which coaching can help improve business performance, the conditions that are needed in order for coaching to have a bottom-line impact, and the measurement challenges of demonstrating that impact.

Alec Levenson led the research team for both studies.

  • Research Partners: Capital One (1st Study); Pfizer (2nd Study)
  • Research Team: Alec Levenson

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